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Reclaim Your Faith - Doug Batchelor
Reclaim  Your  Faith 

January 13 - 15, 2012

Pastor Doug Batchelor


Reclaim Your Faith

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Rebroadcast Schedule  ( Archived )
Hope Church Channel

January 13, 7:30pm ET,     Topic:  Who Needs the Church?

January 14, 11:00am ET,   Topic:  Forgiving Friendly Fire

January 14, 7:30pm ET,    Topic:  Deadly Distractions & Drift

January 15, 7:30pm ET,    Topic:  Home from A Far Country

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Hope Channel: DIRECTV ch. 368 and Glorystar ch. 104
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2012-08-29 6:00 AM

Dear Pr. Doug,
I would like to know if we would be able to copy your DVD 'The Final Events of Bible Prophecy'? We made a survey about end time events and would like to give the DVD to people at the end of the survey and then come back after 2 weeks and ask their opinion of the DVD. We would then like this to lead into giving them The Great Controversy.
For this kind of work we need a huge number of DVD's but can't afford to buy them for financial reasons and there is only a small group of young people doing this. Thus we would like to ask if we could copy this DVD ourselves; it would be a great help.
We are a Seventh-day Adventists from Adelaide, Australia and it would greatly help us with reaching people with The Great Controversy. We aren't doing this to make money or anything, we will be distributing the DVD's to people for free while doing the survey. Please consider this proposal carefully and we await your response. Thank you for your cooperation.
Thank you kindly,
God bless,