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Trust in Human Beings
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Trust  in  Human  Beings

Satan has his allies in men. And evil angels in human form will appear to men, and present before them such glowing representations of what they will be able to do if they will only heed their suggestions, that often they change their penitence for defiance. I call upon those who would have eternal life to break every yoke. The enlightening of the understanding must become a part of the experience. Sin has darkened the reasoning powers, and hell is triumphing. O, will not men cease to trust in human beings? Can not they discern the excellency of the perfect rule of righteousness that God has given?  {SpTB07 21.3}

 It is no marvel to me that at the present time there is so much weakness where there should be strength. The reason of this is that instead of drinking of the pure water of Lebanon, we are seeking to quench our thirst from cisterns in the lowlands, which contain not the water of life. We trust in human beings and are disappointed and often misled. . . .  {LHU 93.4}

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path." This is the promise. God must be consulted at every step. He would not have us trust in human beings, who need themselves to walk carefully before God. Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. If we look to humanity we shall obtain human help, but if we ask for divine guidance we are safe in the assurance that God is leading us.  {1SAT 219.2}

Trust  is  Human  Beings




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