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54  Phrases  related  to   Work
+    work against God  ( 4 )   see also  works against God (below)
+    the work before us  (  )  >  
+    the Lord's Work   ( 568 )      >      Let the Lord's work go forward  
+     Work earnestly for souls  (  )
+     Work in harmony  ( 284 )     >    work in harmony with . . .   ( 226 )
                                                          >     work in harmony with God   (  ) 
+     Faithful Work  ( 108 )      >    Do Faithful Work
+     Important Work   ( 640 )      >    Most important work   (  )
+    the highest of all work  ( 6 )
+    Called to do a special work   ( 7 )    >    Neglecting a special work  ( 1 )
+    Great work must be done  ( 20 )   >   great work must be done all through the world
+    make the work a success  ( 23 )  >  needed to make the work a success  ( 3 )
+     work which God . . .    ( 191 )   ►   the Work which God bids them
                                                              >    the work which God has given
+    work was not yet done   ( 12 )     >   work is not yet done  ( 9 )
+     work  God has appointed for us   ( 2 )
Work  of  .  .  .
+    Work of atonement     ( 49 )       ►    His work of atonement  (  )
+    Work of deception  (  46  )   >
+    the work of God   ( 2,661 )    ►    not the work of God  (  )
                                                            ►    counterwork the work of God   ( 26 )
                                                                 >   counteract the work of God  ( 15 )
                                                            ►    in regard to the work of God   ( 8 )
                                                            ►    detrimental to the work of God  ( 7 )
►     work of God in this earth    (  )
 +   Work of the Lord    ( 362 )     >    the Lord's work  ( 568 )
     work of the gospel   (  )  >
+     work of grace    (  )
+     work of investigation  ( 14 )    >   work of the investigative judgment
+     work of preparation  ( 145 )   >  work of preparation for scenes in the future
   Work of Redemption    ( 213 )   >  great work of redemption (  )
                                                                   >  contemplate the work of redemption  ( 4 )
+     Work of reform   (  )    >   work of reformation  (  )
+     Work of salvation  ( 151 )    >   work of gaining salvation  ( 3 )
+    work of sanctification   (  )   >   Work of sanctification is the work of a lifetime
+    Work of Soul-winning   ( 6 )    >    Work of Soul saving
Work  to  .  .  .
+       work to do  (  )    >    work to do for others  ( 5 )
+      work to exalt themselves (  )
+      it is our work to . . .  
+     Worker for the Lord   ( 3 )    >   Workers for the Lord   ( 3 )
+      works against God  ( 3 )   >   work against God  ( 4 )
+      The Lord works through appointed Agencies   ( 3 )
+      God works through His servants   ( 6 )
+       Works of Christ  ( 313 )     ►    do the works of Christ   ( 48 )
                                                     >   will do the works of Christ  (  )
+       Faith and Works   (  )
+       good works  ( 2,002 )    >   rich in good works  ( 127 )
Those who, having heard the word, keep it, will bring forth fruit in obedience. The word of God, received into the soul, will be manifest in good works" (COL 60.2).

            My personal favorite
The faithful reprover that is sent of God to make known the mistakes and errors that are binding the souls of those who are deceived, is treated with contempt. They would crucify the minister simply because he has taken the course which he felt was right, and could not neglect as a faithful steward of the grace of God. Let the church-members realize that the ministers are called to do a special work, not to be men-pleasers, but to speak the truth in love, and to watch for souls as they that must give an account. A true shepherd has a very important part to act. He must reprove. He dare not keep silent when he sees souls in danger of bringing upon themselves eternal ruin. The wayward heart will take exception to his message; for the love of God has grown cold, and he is incapable of discerning spiritual things. He will misjudge, criticise, and weigh the reprover's words in his own finite human scales, and denounce the messenger, and thus grieve Jesus in person of his servant. Another minister may come along who is not as conscientious, who is not as faithful and true, who flatters the members of the church, calling that righteous and good and holy which God has pronounced unrighteous and unholy; yet this man will be highly esteemed, and enshrined in the hearts of the people. They will pass their judgment that he has a good spirit; and because he did not discern and correct their errors, they may pass on in spiritual darkness, and die in their sins.  {RH, July 25, 1893 par. 7}
No truth is more clearly taught in the Bible than that God by His Holy Spirit especially directs His servants on earth in the great movements for the carrying forward of the work of salvation. Men are instruments in the hand of God, employed by Him to accomplish His purposes of grace and mercy. Each has his part to act; to each is granted a measure of light, adapted to the necessities of his time, and sufficient to enable him to perform the work which God has given him to do. But no man, however honored of Heaven, has ever attained to a full understanding of the great plan of redemption, or even to a perfect appreciation of the divine purpose in the work for his own time. Men do not fully understand what God would accomplish by the work which He gives them to do; they do not comprehend, in all its bearings, the message which they utter in His name.  Great Controversy, page 343.2
The cleansing, both in the typical and in the real service, must be accomplished with blood: in the former, with the blood of animals; in the latter, with the blood of Christ. Paul states, as the reason why this cleansing must be performed with blood, that without shedding of blood is no remission. Remission, or putting away of sin, is the work to be accomplished. But how could there be sin connected with the sanctuary, either in heaven or upon the earth? This may be learned by reference to the symbolic service; for the priests who officiated on earth, served "unto the example and shadow of heavenly things." Hebrews 8:5.  Great Controversy, page 417.3  Read entire chapter 23
Though the rulers of this world know it not, yet often in their councils angels have been spokesmen. Human eyes have looked upon them; human ears have listened to their appeals; human lips have opposed their suggestions and ridiculed their counsels; human hands have met them with insult and abuse. In the council hall and the court of justice these heavenly messengers have shown an intimate acquaintance with human history; they have proved themselves better able to plead the cause of the oppressed than were their ablest and most eloquent defenders. They have defeated purposes and arrested evils that would have greatly retarded the work of God and would have caused great suffering to His people. In the hour of peril and distress "the angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them." Psalm 34:7.  Great Controversy, page 632.1
The Saviour’s commission to the disciples included all the believers. It includes all believers in Christ to the end of time. It is a fatal mistake to suppose that the work of saving souls depends alone on the ordained minister. All to whom the heavenly inspiration has come are put in trust with the gospel. All who receive the life of Christ are ordained to work for the salvation of their fellow men. For this work the church was established, and all who take upon themselves its sacred vows are thereby pledged to be co-workers with Christ.  Desire of Ages, page 822.2  Read entire chapter 86
Now the work before us, that is assigned us, is to glorify God, not ourselves. And all our works are to be in that light before God where we can realize we have communion with Him. His exactions upon every human soul are of that order, not to make them unhappy, but to bring them in a position where His truth will triumph. It is the truth that we are to live for. It is through the sanctification of the truth that we are to be made capable to take hold of the eternal realities.  {Ms 188-1907.2}
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