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NAD Executive Committee - Corrections

Members  of  North  American  Division  Executive Committee

Unions and Conferences in the NAD

 Corrections to  Adventist Yearbook - - List of Executive Committee Members

   Below are people listed as members of the NAD Executive Committee
  - but should not be on list because they are no longer on the Executie Committee
--  George T. Atiga,  Asian-Pacific Ministries, Pacific Union Conf   (805) 413-7100  ( Died in 2012 )
                                      Replaced ny Viclouis Arreola
--  Harold W. Baptiste,  General VP, General Conference   ( Retired in 2010 )
--  Robert C. Brauer – Pastor in Minnesota Conference  ( served on Committee 2000 to 2010 )
--  Timothy Hullquist,   Lay Member, Owner of Teach Services, Inc.  LINKEDin Profile
                                      Was also on Atlantic Union Conf Executive Committee until 2010
--  Louis B. Metellus,  VP Haitian Ministries, Atlantic Union Conference
                                         replaced by Pierre Omeler in June 2011
-- Stephen L. McPherson,  former President, Idaho Conf    (208) 375-7524    (he Retired)
                  New President is David Prest    David.Prest@IDconf.org    I spoke to LeeAnn
--  Gordon Pifher   (former President, British Columbia Conf)  Replaced by Wayne Culmore
--  Eunice Warfield,   former Education Director, SouthWestern Union  (817) 295-0476  
                                     She Moved to Tennessee   
         Replaced by Mike Furr, Associate Director 
Now is Acting Education Dir.   MFurr@SWUC.org
There are people who were added to the NAD Executive Committee and do not appear on the
Adventist Yearbook list. When identified these new people will appear on our main list.
People who should be on the List but are not
Carlton Byrd, Speaker/Director, Breath of Life  (June 2012 - now on Yearbook)

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