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North American Division - Update Oct. 22, 2011
Top three Administrators of
North American Division
accused of misconduct

Matter needs to be
investigated by
NAD Executive Committee 

Please Pray for our church leaders
  The power of united prayers

On Sept 21st the Executive Committee of the Atlantic Union Conference met but were provented from investigating accusations of professional misconduct by the accused Union Conference Administrators.  The process failed because the accused would not put the matter on the agenda of the Executive Committee meeting.  Most organizations allow new business to be introduced by a motion and a second from the floor, the 'rules of order' at the AUC Executive Committee meetings allows only business on the agenda to be discussed. Therefore, even the concerned members of the committee who knew about the accusations were unable to bring the matter to the floor for discussion and resolution.
On September 22nd Dan Jackson, President of the North American Division was informed, and the matter was referred to him according to the following NAD Working Policy.
G. Alex Bryant, Executive Secretary and Tom Evans, Treasurer were also asked to do the duty specified in the Working Policy . . .
     NAD Working Policy L-60 section 15
           -  Integrity of Organizational Officers  -

 In the event the integrity or the moral or professional standing of an executive officer of a division, union, or local conference/mission/field is called into question, the process to be followed to safeguard the integrity of the ministry shall be as set out in the division policies. Should those processes fail and the matters involved be of such a character that the executive committee of the organization served by the officer is unable to resolve the difficulty, the matter shall be referred to the next higher organization. The administration of the higher organization shall call, and its president shall chair, a meeting of the executive committee of the organization served by the officer in question. The officers of the higher organization shall meet with the executive committee of the lower organization in an endeavor to resolve the matter, provided those exercising voting rights shall not exceed ten percent of the membership of the executive committee of the lower organization present . . .
It is one month later and the North American Division Administrators have not done their duty and not offered a reason for their delay. Since the NAD Executive Committee will meet from Oct. 27th to Oct. 31 (and not meet again for six months) they have been asked to consider accusations of neglect of duty resulting in professional misconduct by Dan Jackson, Alex Bryant and Tom Evans.

According to NAD Working Policy the process to deal with misconduct by an Executive Officer calls for an investigation and resolution by the Executive Committee. When this process fails, a new process is written into the working policy giving 'emergency' power to the Administrators of the next higher level in the church organization.  Some call it "extraordinatory" authority in that they are given the duty and authority to call a meeting of the same Executive Committee to deal with the matter they failed to deal with.
Click here to read the letter sent to the President of the North American Division on Sept. 22nd  referring the matter to him.
Ted Wilson was called last week, unfortunately he is out of the country. Elder Parchment, Assistant to the President, referred the matter to G.T. Ng, Executive Secretary, who has not commented as of the writing of this update on 10/23.  If the accused NAD leaders prevent an investigation of the charges in the same way that the Union Conference leaders did, than the General Conference Administrators will have the duty to call  a meeting of the NAD Executive Committee to deal with the matter that they could not deal with in October.  G.T. Ng has been asked to inform Dan Jackson that if the process fails the General Conference will follow the policy. By this the GC leaders could encourage Dan Jackson to do his duty and avoid the matter going to the Executive Committee.
Please pray for Dan Jackson, President, G. Alex Bryant, Executive Secretary, and Tom Evans, Treasurer, that the Lord will convict them of their duty to follow their own policy and call a meeting of the Atlantic Union Conference Executive Committee according the this working policy.

If the Holy Spirit impresses you to do more than pray,  you can support the concerned members of the North American Division, by contacting  .  .  .

   Dan Jackson,  President of the North American Division    

    G. Alex Bryant,  Executive Secretary of the North Americn Division

    Thomas Evans,  Treasurer of the North American Division

     Please send a copy to  churchmanual@gmail.com and we will keep you informed

As a concerned Seventh-day Adventist I expect the leaders elected to administer church policy will do their duty or step down so that another person can assume their position who is willing to follow church policy and procedures. This is not a time to hinder the work of the Lord by thinking that your way is better than the Lord's way. 
If you share this concern be a witness for the Lord.
The President of the North American Division has been asked to follow his own policy, and call a meeting of the Atlantic Union Conference Executive Committee as required by Working Policy L-60 section 15.  He has chosen to neglect this duty, and has chosen to ignore accusations this his decision be viewed as professional misconduct. 

Please pray for the North American Division leaders

   There is power in united prayer
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