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Sin is Offensive to God
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Sin  is  offensive  to  God

Here are lessons which God's people at the present day should take to heart. There are grievous sins indulged by individual members of the church,-- covetousness, over-reaching, deception, fraud, falsehood, and many others. If these sins are neglected by those who have been placed in authority in the church, the blessing of the Lord is withheld from his people, and the innocent suffer with the guilty. The officers in the church should be earnest, energetic men, having a zeal for God, and they should take the most prompt and thorough measures to condemn and correct these wrongs. In this work they should act, not from selfishness, jealousy, or personal prejudice, but in all meekness and lowliness of mind, with a sincere desire that God may be glorified. Inhumanity, false dealing, prevarication, licentiousness, and other sins, are not to be palliated or excused; for they will speedily demoralize the church. Sin may be called by false names, and glossed over by plausible excuses and pretended good motives, but this does not lessen its guilt in the sight of God. Wherever it may be found, sin is offensive to God, and will surely meet its punishment.  {ST, January 20, 1881 par. 16}

Now, my brother, I have not thrown you aside; I have not lost my interest in you; but I do urge upon you to face the mirror. Sin is offensive to God. We must live so near to Jesus that we shall protest against iniquity and disobedience of God's requirements. While self is strictly disciplined, God will give wisdom and power to aid in disciplining others. Thus all the influence will be exerted on the side of pure, faultless, undeviating obedience, and no exception will be made on any policy principle, and no unsanctified influence will be tolerated to weaken and demoralize a church. Oh, how I dread to write these things to you. But I dare not withhold them, lest my soul will be chargeable with your sin.  {17MR 105.1}

This phrase appears in just two places in the writings of Ellen White.





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