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The General Conference
. . The General Conference

  added to Chapter 3: Organization and Authority

   The 59th GC Session added wording to the church manual to define the functions of the General Conference. They added these words to Chapter 3.

   It may be significant to note the role of the Executive Committee is to act on behalf of the constituents.

 The Bible is the foundation and source of belief and practice; on this basis, the General Conference in Session determines the stated fundamental beliefs of the Church. The General Conference in Session also authorizes establishment of unions and the attachment of field units, revises the Church Manual, elects General Conference and division leadership, performes other functions as outlined in its constitution and Bylaws, and considers items referred to it by its Executive Committee. The General Conference Executive Committee between Session is empowered by the Constitution and Bylaws to act on behalf of the constituents. This Church organization around the world recognize the General Conference in Session as the voice of the Church.    Page 30 of 18th Edition

   This text is significant and DiggingForTruth.org has highlighted it as a major change to the church manual.

Editors Note:   If anyone knows about another text in a previous Church Manual that addresses this issue please contact us.
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