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Grievous Sin of . . .
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Grievous  Sin  of  .  .  .

Other false prophets arose to sow confusion among the people by turning them away from obeying the divine commands given through Jeremiah, but God's judgments were pronounced against them in consequence of their grievous sin of bringing rebellion against Him.  {4T 173.3}

After His baptism, the Son of God entered the dreary wilderness, there to be tempted by the devil. For nearly six weeks he endured the agonies of hunger. For forty days He ate and drank nothing.  This made his suffering greater than anything which man would ever be called to endure. Christ was bearing the guilt of the transgressor. He realized the power of appetite upon man; and in behalf of sinful man, He bore the closest test possible upon that point. Here a victory was gained which few can appreciate. The controlling power of depraved appetite, and the grievous sin of indulging it, can only be understood by the length of the fast which our Saviour endured that He might break its power. . . . He came to earth to unite His divine power with our human efforts, that through the strength and moral power which He imparts, we might overcome in our own behalf.  {AG 164.2}  {HP 194.2}  {ST, August 7, 1879 par. 13}

The most grievous sin of God's people is unbelief; and yet it is wide-spread; and almost universal. It is this sin that has led to backsliding and apostasy in every age. Those for whom God has wrought, limit the Holy One of Israel, and dishonor God daily by their distrust, their doubts, and positive unbelief. Moses died on mount Nebo, and Aaron on mount Hor, by the decree of God, not because they had committed a great crime, as men view the matter, but for a sin of common occurrence. The psalmist describes their error in these words: "They angered God also at the waters of strife, so that it went ill with Moses for their sakes, because they provoked his spirit, so that he spake unadvisedly with his lips." Retribution will surely follow the transgressor. Men may have lived and labored for God, they may have manifested self-denial, and self-sacrifice, God may have marked their lives with special favors, he may have given great foresight, and wisdom; and yet, the one whose life was so marked with rectitude may, through lack of watchfulness, and prayer, be overcome. The very uncommonness of the wrong, the usual purity and nobility of the character, make the departure from rectitude more noticeable, and Satan's triumph more complete.  {ST, October 7, 1880 par. 11}
Why are these things so? Why is there such a spirit of lawlessness in the social world, and such a medley of strange doctrines in the church? Is it not because among the great mass of professed Christians, the grievous sin of transgressing the law of God is not understood? Even ministers in the pulpit "make void" that law. The result is a general weakening of the bonds of righteousness, a far-reaching tendency to lawlessness, to crime of every sort. Nor can we wonder. When men are not taught that they must obey the law of God, how can they be expected to obey the laws of men?  {SW, March 1, 1909 par. 5}
We thought that after the time passed they might humble themselves, confess their delusion, and the Lord would pardon the grievous sin of erecting a false light. But no; they went farther and farther into delusion. I wish to warn all in Battle Creek, and all who are liable to be in any way deceived by these men, that they are in a delusion.  {PH030 10.2}

It is the Lord who has made Elder Daniells the man that he is, and when Sister Daniells takes the credit for this, she dishonors God. Often she has stood in Elder Daniells' way, discouraging and depressing him, because she was not walking in truth and righteousness. She has cherished in her heart the grievous sin of jealousy. This has separated her from the Saviour. She has been unjust to her husband, and unjust to others. She had no reason to feel as she did, for Elder Daniells is not guilty. But she has accepted Satan's temptations as the truth. Thus she has lost her peace of mind, and has taken a course which has disparaged her in the eyes of her brethren and sisters, and which has brought alienation between her and her husband. Elder Daniells would be received into the hearts of the believers in New Zealand if Sister Daniells were a humble, discreet woman. She must learn at the feet of Jesus to be meek and lowly. Unless she does this, she will be a great hindrance to her husband.  {21MR 121.3}

The  grievous  sin  of  idolatry

The gospel of Christ is and ever will be aggressive. Christ gave himself a sacrifice for the world. He cheerfully gave his own life as a ransom for an apostate world; and he does not design that selfishness and worldliness shall exist in the hearts of his followers. Conformity to the world is expressly forbidden by the word of God. But the grievous sin of idolatry exists in many of the churches today. They are not in harmony with God. Defilement, which should be washed away with the blood of a sin-pardoning Saviour, exists.  {RH, February 2, 1897 par. 12}

There has been very little deep piety and wholeness to God. When the spirit of Christ takes possession of the heart, then there is a missionary for God. The most grievous sin of idolatry exists in the church. And he who interposes between the professed Christian and his wholehearted service to God, takes the form of an idol, and the most grievous sin of idolatry is idolatry itself.  {12MR 330.2}

The most grievous sin of idolatry exists in the church. Anything that interposes between the Christian and the whole hearted service to God, takes the form of an idol, and the most grievous sin of idolatry is idolatry itself. The testimonies of God's word are plain and clear in regard to the snares of the devil. But these are not only church members on the devil's ground, but those who are opining the Scriptures to others, practice evil, and defile soul and body. They are guilty before God because they are unholy. Were the church living by faith and had they the oil of grace in their vessels with their lamps, the guilty repose would end. Those who believe the sacred, elevating truths for this time, they cannot sleep over them. . .  {PC 343.3}

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