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This ministry is run by faithful Seventh-day Adventist lay people who have had their hearts stirred by God to help finish His work. Many Adventists have been distracted from His work for too long and we need to prepare ourselves, and help to prepare others, so we can “quicken” the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
"Your Church Manual pages are excellent.  I have been told that I would have to wait for the new printed edition of the church manual to see the changes, but your site gives the changes and also shows where to look in the old edition to see what it said before. I also like reading the quotes from the writings of EGW found in the church manual, in the context that they were taken from. Keep up the good work - it is a blessing."                        August 18, 2010
P. Washington, Philadelphia
Dear Servants of the Most High Father, 
Praise and glory to God. Congratulations for the mighty work you are doing for the Lord. It as really touched our hearts when we have shortly studied some of the teachings from your web page. May the blessings from the God be upon you and may He always reveal more to you for nuorishment of souls. We now wish to welcome you in Kenya to share with us. The calling you have will greatly help many people to learn and understand the true gospel. God bless you as we hope to hear from you.      October  2013
Pastor Richard
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