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Open to receive the Truth
Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White with the phrase . . .
open  to  receive  the  truth
The light that God has given me I have tried to impart to you through an interpreter, and I have evidence that your hearts have been open to receive the truth that God has sent to you. Before I came to Europe, the situation and condition of different nationalities were presented before me. I was shown that of necessity there must be a different mold given to the spirit and the workings of these different peoples, or there would be developed in each nationality a selfish disposition to build up a separate interest. The very first work that God would have us do is to seek to unite the interests of the brethren of different nationalities, that there may be a blending together of sympathies and forces in the work. Jesus lifted up his eyes to heaven, and prayed to the Father in behalf of his church. He said, "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; that they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may know that thou hast sent me."  {RH, November 12, 1889 par. 5}
In the schools whither they went, they were not to make confidants of any. Their garments were so prepared as to conceal their greatest treasure -- the precious manuscripts of the Scriptures. These, the fruit of months and years of toil, they carried with them, and whenever they could do so without exciting suspicion, they cautiously placed some portion in the way of those whose hearts seemed open to receive the truth. From their mother's knee the Waldensian youth had been trained with this purpose in view; they understood their work and faithfully performed it. Converts to the true faith were won in these institutions of learning, and frequently its principles were found to be permeating the entire school; yet the papal leaders could not, by the closest inquiry, trace the so-called corrupting heresy to its source.  Great Controversy, page 70.1
The gospel invitation is not to be narrowed down, and presented only to a select few, who, we in suppose, will do us honor if they accept it. The message is to be given to all. Wherever hearts are open to receive the truth, Christ is ready to instruct them.-- The Desire of Ages, p. 194.  {ChS 242.1}
Wherever hearts are open to receive the truth, Christ is ready to instruct them. He reveals to them the Father, and the service acceptable to Him who reads the heart. For such He uses no parables. To them, as to the woman at the well, He says, "I that speak unto thee am he" (The Ministry of Healing, pp. 25-28).  {LHU 183.6}
At Philippi, Lydia, of the city of Thyatira, heard the apostles, and her heart was open to receive the truth. She and her household were converted and baptized, and she entreated the apostles to make her house their home.  {LP 74.1}
How dare any one bar the way of God's servants by unjust, unfeeling speeches? But this has been done, and thereby laborers have been discouraged, and many souls lost who might have been saved. Those who do this work are not prompted by the Spirit of God, but by another spirit. Scornful criticisms and discourteous remarks are wholly of Satan. If ministers, teachers, and people would practise Bible courtesy, they would find hearts open to receive the truth, and God would be glorified.  {RH, July 4, 1907 par. 9}
Now we saw a great work to be done to present this light to the people, for the sanctuary question, if understood, would remove all perplexities as to where we were standing in prophecy, and explain clearly the disappointment in 1844. The light of prophecy would then appear clear and forcible to those who would search the Scriptures with hearts open to receive the truth which had been so undiscerned. New hope and courage took possession of our souls. . . .  {4MR 403.2}
open  to  receive  the  truth  as  it  is  in  Jesus
The only way in which men will be able to stand firm in the conflict, is to be rooted and grounded in Christ. They must receive the truth as it is in Jesus. And it is only as the truth is presented thus that it can meet the wants of the soul. The preaching of Christ crucified, Christ our righteousness, is what satisfies the soul's hunger. When we secure the interest of the people in this great central truth, faith and hope and courage come to the heart. If God has given his Son to die for sinners, he means to counteract sin. He has made the great gift because of his love for sinful, fallen man. We must make it plain that he is able and willing to save all who come unto him and believe in him as their personal Saviour. Present this again and again, until the mind can take it in. Let every teacher put his whole heart, his whole mind and soul, into this work, lifting up Jesus, and bidding the people look and live. Let the sinner fix his eyes on Jesus, the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world. As he looks to Christ, he will feel the power of God. He must not devote the precious time to deploring his sinfulness, looking upon the wounds and bruises he has received in the services of Satan. By faith carry the mind up within the vail to view Christ as our intercessor before the mercy-seat. Let the sinner behold Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life, and his soul will be open to receive the truth as it is in Jesus.  {GCDB, January 28, 1893 par. 16}
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