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Precious Lesson
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Precious  Lesson
Of Enoch it is written that he lived sixty-five years, and begat a son. After that he walked with God three hundred years. During these earlier years Enoch had loved and feared God and had kept His commandments. He was one of the holy line, the preservers of the true faith, the progenitors of the promised seed. From the lips of Adam he had learned the dark story of the Fall, and the cheering one of God's grace as seen in the promise; and he relied upon the Redeemer to come. But after the birth of his first son, Enoch reached a higher experience; he was drawn into a closer relationship with God. He realized more fully his own obligations and responsibility as a son of God. And as he saw the child's love for its father, its simple trust in his protection; as he felt the deep, yearning tenderness of his own heart for that first-born son, he learned a precious lesson of the wonderful love of God to men in the gift of His Son, and the confidence which the children of God may repose in their heavenly Father. The infinite, unfathomable love of God through Christ became the subject of his meditations day and night; and with all the fervor of his soul he sought to reveal that love to the people among whom he dwelt.  Patriarchs and Prophets, page 84.3
We have in the glorious things of nature a mere shadow of the original which we shall see in their full loveliness in the Paradise of God. Let us learn the precious lesson which God designed we should. He who careth for the simple flowers in their season, will He not much more care for you whom He has created in His own image? Look upon these things of beauty. God prepares and clothes them with a robe of loveliness, and yet they perish in a day. All these earthly, temporal beauties are to be appreciated as the voice of God speaking to us of the treasures and glories of the unseen and the eternal.  {TMK 148.5}
Christ is here teaching a precious lesson in regard to His service. Whatever experiences may come to you, He says, serve God. Whatever inconveniences and hardships you may encounter, trust in the Lord. We have no cause to worry and fear if we take our position for the truth, that we and our families will suffer. To do this is to manifest unbelief in God. "Your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things," the Saviour says. If we would study the Word more faithfully, we would increase in faith. -- Manuscript 83, 1909.  {Ev 238.3}
Will you not, dear youth, become missionaries for God? Will you, as you have never done before, learn the precious lesson of making gifts to the Lord by putting into the treasury of that which He has freely given you to enjoy? Whatever you have received, let a portion be returned to the Giver as a gratitude offering. A part should also be put into the treasury for the missionary work to be done both at home and abroad.  {MYP 306.2}
What a precious lesson is this for all the followers of Christ! Those who overlook the life duties lying directly in their pathway, who neglect mercy and kindness, courtesy and love, to even a little child, are neglecting Christ. John felt the force of this lesson and profited by it.  {SL 56.1}

Blessings, both temporal and spiritual, will accompany those who impart to the needy that which they receive from the Master. Jesus worked a miracle to feed the five thousand, a tired, hungry multitude. He chose a pleasant place in which to accommodate the people and commanded them to sit down. Then He took the five loaves and the two small fishes. No doubt many remarks were made as to the impossibility of satisfying five thousand hungry men, besides women and children, from that scanty store. But Jesus gave thanks and placed the food in the hands of the disciples to be distributed. They gave to the multitude, the food increasing in their hands. And when the multitude had been fed, the disciples themselves sat down and ate with Christ of the heaven-imparted store. This is a precious lesson for every one of Christ's followers.  {6T 263.1}

One precious lesson which the mother will need to repeat again and again is that the child is not to rule; he is not the master, but her will and her wishes are to be supreme. Thus she is teaching them self-control. Give them nothing for which they cry, even if your tender heart desires ever so much to do this; for if they gain the victory once by crying they will expect to do it again. The second time the battle will be more vehement.  {CG 92.1}
A precious lesson is this for all Christians. Whenever we are brought into positions of difficulty or danger, even when surrounded by those who love and fear not God, the heart may send up its cry for help, and there is One who has promised that he will come to our aid. This is the kind of prayer that Christ meant when he said, "Pray without ceasing." We are not to make ejaculatory prayer a substitute for public or family worship, or for secret devotion; but it is a blessed resource, at our command under circumstances when other forms of prayer may be impossible. Toilers in the busy marts of trade, crowded and almost overwhelmed with financial perplexities, travelers by sea and land, when threatened by some great danger, can thus commit themselves to divine guidance and protection. And in every circumstance and condition of life, the soul weighed down with grief or care, or assailed by temptation, may thus find comfort, support, and succor in the unfailing love and power of a covenant-keeping God.  {ST, November 29, 1883 par. 10}
Most  Precious  Lesson
This miracle was evidence that Jesus is the world's Redeemer, that he possesses omnipotent power; and it is also a most precious lesson of his beneficence. Christ designed that it should teach his disciples the compassion and interest they should feel for their fellow-men who were seeking to know the way of salvation. Interested efforts should be made, that those who are anxious to hear the Word of life may have the opportunity. When weary and hungry they should not be neglected. All that is possible should be done by their brethren, that none may be sent away faint, weary, and discouraged. It is a Christian duty to study the best ways of helping the people. No one is to make the way to Christ wearisome and objectionable. Remove everything that would obstruct the path.  {ST, August 12, 1897 par. 13}
I Kings 3: 5-9 (2 Chron. 1:7-10) -  This prayer is a most precious lesson of instruction. Especially is it of value to those entrusted with responsibilities in the Lord's work. It is a sample prayer, indited by the Lord, to guide aright the desires of His servants. It is given also for the guidance of those who today are striving to serve the Lord with singleness of heart. . . .  {2BC 1025.7}
The school has made an excellent beginning. The students are learning how to plant trees, strawberries, etc.; how they must keep every spangle and fiber of the roots uncramped, in order to give them a chance to grow. Is not this a most precious lesson as to how to treat the human mind, and the body as,-- not to cramp any of the organs of the body, but to give them ample room to do their work?-- Idem., p. 17.  {Advocate, March 1, 1901 par. 9}
The Establishment of Avondale College -- Well, the school [Avondale College] has made an excellent beginning. The students are learning how to plant trees, strawberries, etc.; how they must keep every sprangle and fiber of the roots uncramped to give them a chance to grow. Is not this a most precious lesson as to how to treat the human mind, and the body as well, not to cramp any of the organs of the body, but give them ample room to do their work? The mind must be called out, its energies taxed.  {11MR 183.1}

The Bible is the most precious lesson book that you can study. In studying it, you hold communion with God. If you are an earnest Bible student, you will, when standing before a congregation, speak with power and assurance.-- Letter 38, 1903. (To Edson and Emma White, March 3, 1903.)  White Estate Washington, D. C. March 31, 1983  {12MR 254.1}

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