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Changes to Chapter 17 - Pulpit Not A Forum

  Chapter 17:  Pulpit Not a Forum  (page 215 to 217 in 17th Edition)

  It is not clear if this Chapter's name has been changed. However the GC Session approved the addition of the following text to  Chapter 4:  Pastors and other Church Employees (the 17th Edition does not have a chapter with that name).
In order that enemies of the church may not gain access to our pulpits, no one should be allowed to speak to any congregation unless he / she presents a current denominational credential or license. It is recognized, however, that there are times when congregation may be addressed by government officials or civic leaders; but all unauthorized persons should be excluded from the pulpit. (see page 114 - 116.)   Appears on page 35 of the 18th Edition
We will make further queries if the text above which was approved by the GC Session, was meant to be a change to Chapter 17 (nothing like it can be found in that chapter - but we have placed this text in Chapter 17 for now.)
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