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RH, Feb. 16, 1911 - Order in the Church
This text was published in the Review and Herald, February 16, 1911  

Order  in  the  Church

The same order and system that were necessary in the days of the apostles should be maintained in the church of today. The prosperity of the cause depends very largely upon its various departments being conducted by men of ability, who are qualified to fill the positions in which they are placed. Those who are chosen of God to be leaders in the cause of truth, having the general oversight of the spiritual interests of the church, should be relieved as far as possible from cares and perplexities of a temporal nature. Those whom God has called to minister in word and doctrine should have time for meditation, prayer, and a study of the Scriptures. Their clear spiritual discernment is dimmed if they are obliged to enter into the lesser details of business, and to deal with the various temperaments of those who meet together in church capacity. All difficult matters of a temporal nature should be brought before the proper officers, to be adjusted by them. But if these matters are of so perplexing a character as to baffle the wisdom of these officers, they should be carried into the council of those who have the oversight of the entire church.  {RH, February 16, 1911 par. 5}
God is a God of order, and he is well pleased with the efforts of his people in trying to bring system and order into his work on the earth. Everything connected with heaven is in perfect order. Subjection and thorough discipline mark the movements of the angelic host.  {RH, February 16, 1911 par. 6}
Only by order and harmonious action can success be attained. God requires order and system in his work now, no less than in the days of old. He desires his work to be carried on with thoroughness and exactness, that he may place upon it the seal of his approval. Christian is to be united to Christian, church to church, the human instrumentality cooperating with the divine, every agency subordinate to the Holy Spirit, and all combined in giving to the world the good tidings of the grace of God.  {RH, February 16, 1911 par. 7}
 "God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints." There was order in the church when Christ was on the earth, and after his departure, order was strictly observed among the disciples. And now, in these last days, when God is bringing his children into the unity of the faith, there is more real need of order than ever before; for as God seeks to unite his people, Satan and his angels strive to destroy this unity.  {RH, February 16, 1911 par. 8}
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