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Changes to Church Board
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      The  Church  Board

The 59th GC Session approved the addition of the following texts to 

       Chapter 10:   Services and Other Meetings,  
                                                section titled  Board and Its Meetings  

    This section is found on page 124 in 18th edition; in the 17th Edition on page 90 - 92.
Definition and Function - Every Church must have a functioning board whose members have been elected during a church business meeting. Its chief concern is the spiritual nurture of the church and the work of planning and fostering evangelism in all of its phases.

               The 59th GC Session approved the addition of the text above

           Changes to Church Board Membership 

Membership -- In addition to conference-appointed pastors, the church should elect a representative board which includes the following officers: 
Head Deacon,
Head Deaconess,
Interest Coordinator,
Adventists Men's Coordinator,
Adventist Your Society leader,
Adventurer Club Director,
Ambassador Club Director,
Bible School Coordinator,
Children's Ministries leader,
Church Music Coordinator,
Communications Committee Chairperson (or Communications Secretary),
Community Services and/or Dorcas Society Leader,
Education Secretary,
Family Ministries Leader,
Health Ministries Leader,
Home and School Association leader,
Personal Ministries leader,
Pathfinder Club leader,
Publishing Ministries Coordinator,
Religious Liberty Leader,
Sabbath School Suprintendent,
Stewardship Ministries leader,
Women's Ministries Leader.
In some cases, depending on the size of the membership, the board may not include all of this list, or may add additional members. The Pastor appointed by the conference to serve the church always is a member of the board.                
Appears on page 125 of 18th Edition
            Ambassador Club Director and Church Music Coordinator
            are the new positions on this list

    The following text has been added to section about the Officers found on page 126

The clerk serves as Secretary of the board and is responsible for recording, presenting, and preserving the minutes of the meetings.
              additional information about the duties of Church Clerk can be found on page 79 and 80.
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Please post your comments about changes and additions to the Church Manual about the Church Board

Mario Pietravalle
2011-12-19 4:09 PM

The Nominating Committee at my church (175 members) presented a report which nominated only six people to the Church Board.  They are Elder (two), Treasurer, Head Deacon, Head Deaconess, Sabbath School Superintendent. The person they asked to be Church Clerk, declined the nomination but they presented the report without a nominee.

Other members were nominated to the positions of AY Leader, Pathfinders Leader, Community Services, Communications, Family Ministry, Personal Ministry Music Coordinator but they were not given a voice or a seat on the Church Board.

Page 125 lists these six positions as Church Board positions.  The Nominating Committee cites this part of this very text "In some cases, depending on the size of the membership, the board may not include all of this list, or may add additional members."  to support its action.

Please comment if you think they have a correct understanding of the text. Please comment if you think they have changed the church structure and violated this text.