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Greater New York Conference - Update May 2

Conference President 

accused of professional misconduct 
by member who asks for permission
to attend his church

You can help  -  With your prayers
    The power of united prayers

On April 10th we announced that a member was blocked from entering his church and the police were called to arrest him if he tried to attend the worship service. This member  has been complaining to the conference about no business meeting for over 30 months and no elections for over four years.  Read the April 10th Update
The member appealed to the President of the Greater New York Conference because state laws concerning trespassing gives the right to bar and arrest trespassers to the owner of the property, the Conference owns the building not the church board. Therefore, the Conference President is in the position to give permission to this member to be on the property and the police will ignore the church board request. 
On April 12th the President of the Greater New York Conference rejected  the member's request for permission to attend his church activities and would not comment about the actions by the pastor and the church board,

“The church board may recommend to the church in a business meeting that removal of a member from church membership, but under no circumstances does a church board have the right to take final action. . .”
Church Manual,  page 197   (17th edition)

"Removing an individual from membership in the church, the body of Christ, is always a serious matter; it is the ultimate in the discipline that the church can administer; it is the extreme measure that can be meted out by the church. Only after the instruction given in this chapter has been followed, and after all possible efforts have been made to win and restore him/her to right paths should this kind of discipline be used. It would be advisable to secure counsel from the pastor of the church or, if he is not available, from the conference/mission/field president before any action is taken by the church, when such a step is contemplated.”

Church Manual, page 194  (17th edition)

The church board is NOT following the church manual in dealing with this member and the conference president will not correct their mistake. The member appealed this decision to the President of the Atlantic Union Conference and after two weeks of calls and messages the Union still did not respond.    (Read Appeal to Union)

In these two weeks the member also asked the North American Division and the General Conference for suggestions how to proceed without making accusations of professional misconduct by the conference president.  None of the church leaders could suggest another path other than Working Policy L-60 section 15.

On April 27th letters were mailed to 22 members of the Executive Committee accusing G. Earl Knight of professional misconduct in accordance with this working policy.

This seems to be the only option available to correct errors that have been made . . .
The member was accused of questionable behavior but instead of the offended member(s) following Matthew 18, they went to the church board who decided to go to the police and ask that they arrest him for trespassing if he attempts to attend the church. This is the most serious violation of the church manual I have ever heard of - - - - and the administration of this website supports any member’s right to defend himself and in the proper venue (which is at a business meeting of the congregation).

The Conference President should know that the pastor and church board have made a mistake (proper procedure is clear in the church manual) and it is in his power to correct this mistake, but has decided not to correct it.

However - he did take an important step toward preventing further violations of the church manual and to move in the direction to restore order at this church . . .
On April 30th the church learned that the pastor has been assigned to another church and the name of their new pastor.

You may remember that on Feb. 22nd the Conference Administration met with a VP of the General Conference and members of the grievance committee and decided that business meetings and elections should be held at this church.  See details

The concerned members assume that the new pastor will comply with the decision of the conference administration and call a business meeting and start the election process as soon as he can.

 Please pray for this situation which has not yet been resolved

     The working policy says this is
"a matter of general denominational concern"
-  so it is proper for
any concerned Seventh-day Adventist to express their concern

 If you are impressed by the Holy Spirit to do something 


 G. Earl Knight,  President of Greater New York Conference   
to give permission for the member to attend his church until the
church investigates the charges against the member at a business meeting

Don King,  President of the Atlantic Union Conference
that he provide guidance and direction to the Executive Committee
who have been asked to do what the Conference President will not do

 Here are the e-mail addresses for

            Don King               dking@atlanticUnion.org

           G. Earl Knight       President@GNYC.org

               Please send a copy to   churchmanual@gmail.com 
                           and we will keep you informed of developments.

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Please pray that The Holy Spirt will convict the church

leaders that action is needed.

There is power in united prayer
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